Canegrass Project, Western Australia

The Canegrass Project measures 42 km² (4,200 Ha) and is located 60 km southeast of Mount Magnet and 550 km northeast of Perth in Western Australia. The project lies within a highly prospective geological setting, where 8.5 km of magnetite rich-gabbro-norite trends parallel to a shear zone.


Canegrass Project Map


Drill Hole highlights

Canegrass Project table

Canegrass Project Map

Canegrass Project Map

Canegrass Project Map

Windimurra complex

The Windimurra Complex is Australia’s largest, exposed, layered mafic intrusion complex measuring 85 km x 37 km. This Archean-aged complex is similar to others that host world class nickel-copper, chromite and platinum-palladium deposits.

The Windimurra Complex is one of the largest layered intrusives in the world, estimated to be > 11 km thick. The complex is geologically similar to the Bushveld Igneous Complex in South Africa which supplies significant amounts of the world’s platinum group elements, nickel, copper and cobalt.

The prospective Shepards Discordant Zone is a 200 – 600 m thick sequence of magnetite-rich leucogabbro that can be traced for more than 50 km. The zone trends directly through the Canegrass land package.

Canegrass Project Map



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